Clubs & Activities

Clubs & Activities

Knowing that enrichment and growth happen beyond the classroom, we encourage students to participate in clubs and activities and make time during the day for them to explore their passions and interests.

During the school day, Lower School students participate in Friday clubs, which change each year depending on the interests of the students; Middle School students participate in clubs during their lunch period; Upper School activities and clubs meet both during and after school.

Across the ages and grades, extracurriculars play a significant role in student development as learning and fun come together to enrich the lessons learned from McLean’s classrooms.

  • Activity Committee
  • Anime Club
  • Boys in the Middle Club
  • Bus Patrols
  • Chess Club
  • Climate Committee
  • Climbing Club
  • Crafts Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Current Events Club
  • Debate Club
  • Discipline Committee
  • Diversity Club
  • Drama Club
  • Drawing Club
  • Environmental Club
  • Equity Board
  • Girls in the Middle Club
  • Girls of Science Club
  • Heart to Heart Club
  • Honor Committee
  • Improv Club
  • Journalism Club
  • Latin Club
  • McLean Ambassadors
  • Mindfulness Club
  • People of Color Club
  • Photography Club
  • Prom Committee
  • Robotics Club
  • Robotics Team
  • Service League
  • Spirit Committee
  • Sports Talk Club
  • Student Government Association
  • Students of Color Affinity Group

And students with a particular interest may start a new club!