DyslexiaIntegrated Support for Elementary, Middle & High School Education

It doesn’t matter that some of the world’s most renowned thinkers and pioneers were dyslexic because in an educational system that relies so heavily on reading and writing, a child with dyslexia will struggle. But not at McLean School.

McLean’s Lower, Middle, and Upper School teachers are highly trained and experts in meeting the needs of students with dyslexia. Our multi-sensory approach to sound structure, word formation, and writing ensures that students receive research-based intervention to achieve success. 

Catching Dyslexia Early in Lower and Middle School

Everything we do is rooted in research and best practices — comprehensive screening, evidence-based instruction, small group work and one-on-one support, assistive technologies and accommodations, thorough understanding of secondary consequences and comorbid conditions. But it’s McLean’s caring, compassionate, expert teachers teaching the way students learn that take our program to the next level, alleviating anxiety for our students and their families. All of McLean’s Lower School teachers are trained in Orton-Gillingham, the gold standard multimodal approach to reading instruction, and programs from Lindamood-Bell to Learning Ally are used to support our most reluctant readers.

Lower School Reading Specialist, Abby Himmelrich, and classroom teacher, Susan Coston, take a deep dive into Dyslexia. From early warning signs to what parents can do to support their child, this HEADx Talk is a must watch.

Our teachers, Coordinators of Learning Services, Master Reading Coordinator, Reading Specialists, and an ever-evolving toolbox of instructional practices serve all students, not just those with diagnosed learning challenges. In the early grades, read-alouds and small group discussions promote active learning and help model effective reading strategies. Learning Commons Library classes are carefully designed to get kids hooked on reading, with customized book talks, programs like Global Read Aloud and Read Across America, and other activities like BookCreator, where the student gets to be the author for a change.

Helping All Our Students with Dyslexia Succeed

Beginning in Middle school in the 5th grade and continuing through 12th grade, we offer separate English and Literature classes, which enables us to focus on the different and specific skill sets related to writing and reading. And, at all grade levels, we encourage our students to choose from a range of genres, in print and digital formats, to spark individual reading interests and support passions. At McLean, we are committed to creating a rich culture of reading, whet students’ literary imaginations, and inspire a lifelong love of books. Additionally, we provide a range of accommodations, including read-aloud or scribing for exams, to be sure that everyone’s needs are met along the way.