College Counseling

College Counseling

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The strength of our program is reflected in our college admissions, which echo the range of interests and abilities of our graduates.

Upper School graduates have gained acceptance to highly selective colleges and universities, including Boston College Honors Program, Brandeis, Berklee College of Music, High Point, Howard, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Smith College, Syracuse University’s School of Communications, Tulane, and Yale among others. Over the last 3 years, our seniors have received nearly $20 million in merit aid.

Of course, our goal is to find the right college for each student, not just the most selective one. Still, these college placements are a tribute to the quality of our students, teachers, and program. They also speak to the caliber of our College Counseling Program. At McLean, our two College Counselors start early with students and their families, so that each student can be guided individually, equipped with an understanding of how they learn, and how to advocate for themselves. Over 80 representatives from colleges and universities visit McLean – coming as far as from California. By comparison with any school in the area, the level of support is remarkable.

Upper School students sit for the exams as practice for Standardized Testing beginning with the PreACT and PSAT in grade 10. The Director of College Counseling, Erika Toren, helps students identify and select the colleges that best match their academic strengths, and personal interests. Ms. Toren and Associate Director of College Counseling, Jonathan Werkmeister, meet regularly with juniors and seniors to review the college application process—researching colleges, planning visits, writing essays, and practicing interview skills. In addition, the College Counselors work with individual students and their parents, helping them navigate and manage the college admission and financial scholarships process.

Contact our Director of College Counseling, Erika Toren, to discuss McLean’s college counseling process.

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