Mindfulness Program for Educators

Mindfulness Program for Educators

As a national expert in Mindfulness, McLean is pleased to provide professional development opportunities for Educators. Please contact K-12 Director of Equity, Inclusion & Social-Emotional Learning, Michelle Belton for more information if you wish to learn more about opportunities on:

  • How to develop, implement, and sustain a K-12 Mindfulness Program.
  • Observe mindfulness activities being demonstrated by students and teachers.

We are also pleased to share our approaches in the first-ever K-12 mindfulness curriculum through our new book, Mindful School. Mindful Community, available on Amazon.

It is our hope that this book will help educators and students across the country and abroad. It is rooted in research and years of experience at McLean. Although written for educators in the classroom, activities in this guide can easily be adapted for use by students, parents, and siblings at home. Like other parts of McLean’s program, Mindfulness at McLean prepares students not only for school, but also for college and life.