A Wonderful Workplace

A Wonderful Workplace

I’ve worked in places where the expectations and support for students was 100 percent different from the expectations and support for teachers, which I found stressful. Here at McLean there’s consistent messaging and a growth mindset among administrators, teachers, and students alike.

Learn more about the McLean Method – and its applicability to our hiring, evaluation, and professional development.

Current Employment Opportunities

Middle School (Grades 5-8) Substitute Teachers Needed!

McLean School (mcleanschool.org), a K-12 co-educational independent school in Potomac, Maryland, seeks applicants for Middle School (grades 5-8) Substitute Teachers. McLean School has for sixty-five years been helping bright students realize their full potential by providing a comprehensive college preparatory program that emphasizes small classes and differentiated instruction. Through our Abilities Model®, we embrace both traditional learners and ones with mild to moderate learning challenges. We recognize and teach to individual strengths, responding to areas of challenge, but never defining students by them.

This position requires a candidate that can teach to a diverse population of students who possess a wide range of learning strengths and challenges. Most importantly, the Middle School Substitute Teacher will subscribe to our Core Values, our Mission, and our Philosophy.

Interested applicants should send a résumé to Head of Middle School, David Roth, at droth@mcleanschool.org.

It’s no surprise that McLean’s teachers and staff are as happy to be here as the students we teach: we all feel supported in our efforts to learn, stretch and grow. It’s a culture that can be hard to come by… which is one reason our faculty tends to stick around! Here are a few of the other reasons:

Reason #1McLean “Magic”

There’s something about this place that’s hard to put into words, but you know it when you feel it. An energy, a culture, a certain type of confidence that comes from having a job you love and being surrounded by people who feel the same way.

Reason #2Our Mentorship Program

You’re always encouraged to change and modify your approach based on what is best for each child. And you don’t have to figure that out all on your own.  There’s a wealth of resources from mentor teachers who support you all the way.

Reason #3Flexibility in What We Teach and How We Teach It

Teaching the way kids learn requires flexibility you won’t find in most school settings. And it’s one thing to say ‘hey, do what you need to do,’ but another to actually provide the structure and professional support to make that possible. And knowing I have the trust and confidence of my colleagues means everything to me.

Reason #4Professional Perks

We work hard, but we get to have fun, too. We are fully encouraged to enjoy the weight room, yoga, fitness classes, mindfulness programs, our wonderful lunch offerings, and more. This is a place that supports us fully: mind, body, and soul!

Reason #5Location

Our proximity to DC opens up experiential learning opportunities and is just a great place in general to live.  From the Smithsonian to Congress, free cultural events, and parks, the Greater Washington area is packed with places and programs that enrich my professional and personal experiences.

Reason #6We Prioritize Professional Development

This is a culture of learning, and that includes the faculty. When it comes to professional development, McLean is generous and encouraging. It creates a sense of excitement, like we’re incubating new ideas all the time and making our best practices even better. As an educator, I couldn’t ask for more.