A McLean education is an investment in your child’s education–and their future–but the reality is that our student-centered approach and small teacher-to-student ratio is not inexpensive. We aim to keep our program as affordable as possible while also ensuring we have the resources to deliver on our educational mission. We support families as best we can in their pursuit to offer a McLean education to their children.

Financial Assistance at McLean is based on need and guided by the objective analysis provided by NAIS’s School and Student Services. Decisions about Financial Assistance awards are made by the School’s Financial Assistance Committee with the understanding that all families must make some contribution to their child’s McLean education.

If you are interested in Financial Assistance:

PFS Parents Financial Statement

Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) is due January 22. Please upload a digital copy of your most recent Federal tax return, including applicable schedules and W-2, to the SSS by NAIS website. McLean’s school code is 4753.

If you have questions, please contact Director of Enrollment & Financial Assistance, Cathy Patterson.


What is the source of Financial Assistance funds?

Financial Assistance comes directly from the School’s operating resources and the generous contributions of McLean’s community of families and friends.

Does applying for Financial Assistance influence the Admission process?

No. Rest assured that Admission and Financial Assistance decisions are made independently from one another. We encourage families to apply for Financial Assistance while also applying for Admission and we will work with families to address any concerns about affordability.

What about confidentiality?

We recognize the private nature of all things money-related, which is why we hold applications for Financial Assistance in the strictest confidence. Only the Financial Assistance Committee members have access to the information submitted for consideration.

What does Financial Assistance cover?

Financial Assistance awards defray the cost of tuition and fees.

What if my financial situation changes?

Families must reapply for Financial Assistance each year, at which time their individual circumstances are reviewed and re-evaluated by the committee. Assuming a family’s circumstances remain unchanged, McLean will make every effort to continue support at a level roughly consistent with the prior year, understanding that tuition, including for financial assistance recipients, is likely to increase each year as educational costs rise.

If during the school year a family’s financial situation should change, the family can contact the School’s Director of Enrollment and Financial Assistance, Cathy Patterson, to explain the extenuating circumstances and request a reconsideration of their financial assistance award.