Changing The Lives of Students & Families

How We Transform Lives

Changing The Lives of Students & Families

How We Transform Lives

WelcomeFrom Our Head of School

McLean School thrives in the understanding that great minds don’t think alike. I hope you’ll visit soon and see, firsthand, how we transform lives.

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Integrity, Values & CommunityWho We Are

We hear it all the time: McLean School changes lives. Students and their families say it’s because of the extraordinary faculty that cares about what, how, and who they teach; McLean’s inclusive and welcoming community; and our abiding belief that positive relationships are fundamental to learning. Together, this creates a powerful educational paradigm that benefits all students, from kindergarten through high school, college, and beyond. At McLean, we teach not just the child in our classroom, but the adult who will one day look back at this school experience as a time when they not only learned how to learn – but also learned how to move through the world with confidence, curiosity, compassion, and courage.

100% Graduating Rate from a 4 Year College
91% Parents Reporting Their Child's Self Esteem Increased
10 AP Classes
100% Integrated Support in the Classroom
2 Expert Teachers in Every Lower School Class
38% Students of Color enriching the diversity of our school
100% Student Centered Abilities Model®
2 College Counselors
5 Days a Week of PE and competitive interscholastic sports teams
Infinite Acceleration to high school and college courses
100% Orton-Gillingham and Wilson based approaches to dyslexia instruction
5:1 Student to Teacher Ratio
8 PVAC Championships Won
4 Student Initiated Water Bottle Filling Stations
2 Living Green Walls
3 Student Designed and Implemented Art Murals
22 Players on the Foosball Table in the Upper School Student Lounge
22 Bus Stops throughout DC, MD, and VA
1 McLean Garden
17 Members of the Learning Services Team

Our Talented Team

Supportive Faculty & Staff

Faculty and student sit on couch

How Our Students Learn

A Better Way to Educate

Lower School Boy STEM

Proven Success withMcLean’s Academic Approach

McLean’s method kept my son on track throughout the school year. He was always positive and kept motivated toward his goal. Thank you so much for making a difference in my son’s life.

Our CommunityOur Mission

McLean School’s mission is to make education accessible, stimulating, and meaningful to a broad range of bright K-12 learners. We understand each student’s unique strengths and challenges, and support both in a way that fosters intellectual growth as well as confidence, self-advocacy, empathy, and connection. At McLean, students succeed because they learn how to learn in an inclusive, conscientious community of caring teachers and peers.

Creativity, Innovation & Intellectual Curiosity

By presenting opportunities for exploration and expression in an atmosphere where all community members flourish


In the academic, social and professional environment as a fundamental ingredient to the full development of the individual


To adapt our curriculum and teaching methods to the strengths and challenges of the individual learner


Through attentiveness to attitudes, behaviors, thoughts, words, and interactions


In a safe and nurturing environment that promotes physical, social, emotional, and academic well-being

A Welcoming Community

In which students, faculty, administration, and parents work collaboratively to improve the overall quality at McLean