Michelle Fitzgerald, a Grade 4 teacher at McLean, posing with her family at the top of a mountain

Assistant Head of Lower School
Coordinator of Learning Services
Michelle FitzGerald

My Story

I earned my BA from Providence College in Rhode Island with a double major in elementary and special education. I joined the McLean community in 2006 and for all but one year that I have taught at McLean, I have had the opportunity to teach grade 4. I have been lucky enough to have the job of my dreams here at McLean. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be involved in creating a learning experience where children can find joy in their education and learn how to be positive members of their community. I began this journey in teaching at McLean and it has been a beautiful place to teach, encouraging me to use my creativity as a teacher. The community has provided me with the opportunity to reach every child and help them to truly understand how exciting and fun learning can be. As I step into my role as Assistant Head of Lower School and Coordinator of Learning Services, I am excited to use my years of experience as a teacher within the McLean community to best support our teachers, students, and parents in creating an environment where every child is seen and has the possibility to reach their full potential. Outside of school I am blessed to have a fantastic family. Much of my time is spent, alongside my husband, Mike, with my two daughters, Claire and Emma, and my son, Brian, reading books, playing games, and going on adventures together.