Michelle Fitzgerald, a Grade 4 teacher at McLean, posing with her family at the top of a mountain

Grade 4Michelle FitzGerald

My Story

I earned my teaching degree from Providence College in Rhode Island and I joined the McLean community in 2006. For all but one year that I have been teaching at McLean, I have been lucky enough to teach fourth grade. I love teaching fourth grade, because we have the opportunity to read interesting novels, get our math brains thinking about fractions, and delve into the exciting stories of the Revolutionary War. I am lucky enough to have the job of my dreams. Ever since I was five years old, I have wanted to be a teacher. I made a classroom in my childhood bedroom where my sister dutifully took lessons much to her chagrin. McLean is a beautiful place to teach because it allows me to use my creativity as a teacher. I have the opportunity to reach every child and help them to truly understand how exciting and fun learning can be. Outside of school I am blessed to have a fantastic family. Much of my time is spent with my two daughters, Claire and Emma, reading stories, swinging on swings and pretending to be princesses.