Complimentary Reading Screenings for Kindergarten-Grade 3 Children

Want To Ensure Your Child Is a Successful Reader?

Extensive evidence shows that struggling readers who do not receive early intervention fall behind academically and it is harder for them to catch up in later grades. If you are concerned about your child’s reading ability, McLean School is pleased to offer a complimentary Acadience Reading Screening.

This assessment will provide actionable data. The Acadience Reading Screening is one of three universal reading screeners in the United States proven to reliably identify students who need immediate reading intervention. This screener assesses the following key competencies, that if in a deficit, put children at risk for reading failure:

  • Phoneme segmentation, blending, onset and rime
  • Rapid automatic naming, including letter naming fluency
  • Letter sound associations
  • Phonological memory, including non-word repetition
  • Word recognition fluency
  • Word Identification
  • Oral reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension

Register today to reserve your spot with McLean’s K-12 Master Reading Coordinator, Natalie Stapert. This 30-minute session will provide an understanding of your child’s reading competency and if it falls above, on, or below their grade level.