Solenne Abaziou

MathSolenne Abaziou

My Story

After graduating from McGill University in Montreal with a Bachelors in Teaching Secondary Math and Science and a Masters in Educational Psychology, I opened a tutoring center to help students who needed some extra one-on-one attention. When I started a family, the tutoring work hours conflicted with my family life, so I decided to move my passion for helping students to the classroom. For the past few years, I have been moving around the US quite a bit with my family, and we have finally decided to settle down in Maryland. I grew up a five minute walk from McLean School, and am very excited to be back in the area. 

I enjoy spending my free time with my family, gardening, and have a passion for houseplants. As a typical math teacher, I also love challenging my brain by solving puzzles and problems that require outside-the-box thinking.