Crystal Bobo, fourth grade teacher at McLean School, smiles at camera

Grade 4Crystal Bobo

My Story

I am very excited to be joining the McLean community as a 4th grade teacher this year. Prior to joining McLean, I taught with MCPS as a kindergarten teacher within the Silver Spring and Rockville communities. After my daughter was born, I transitioned home until after the birth of my son and upon him entering preschool.  I enjoyed using my skills as a teacher to support my children at home as well as teaching them lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom.  

Years later, I gradually transitioned back into the classroom as a volunteer administrator and then long term substitute teacher at Lowell; a teacher assistant and then as a co-teacher at The Lab School of Washington. I have always worked with children since I can remember; whether it was summer camps or schools, or even as a stay-at-home-mom.

When I’m not teaching, I love being active with my family; whether it’s swimming, hiking, going for a bike ride, playing golf, crafting, gaming or hanging out with friends!