Chip Miller, Head of Upper School at McLean School, smiles at camera

Head of Upper SchoolChapin “Chip” Miller

MALS, Pedagogy, Wesleyan University

BA, American Studies and Political Philosophy, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

My Story

Chip joined the McLean School community in June 2021, bringing deep expertise, infectious energy, optimism, and a sense of humor to his work with adolescents in our Upper School. A long time administrator at schools, including Hawaii Preparatory Academy and The Gunnery, Chip spent most of his career working to transform how schools integrate and innovate academic support, before coming to McLean where, to his delight, support is not an add-on–it’s the program as a whole.

But one of his best qualifications is more personal than professional: his own learning challenges shaped a school experience that at times is taxing and inspired him to want to do better for others. This empathy, combined with decades as an educator and lifelong learner, himself, makes Chip a perfect fit for McLean. A range of experiences–from the United States Air Force to the family copper business–gives Chip added perspective (and a lot of great stories to tell!). Chip has a BA in American Studies and Political Philosophy from University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and a Master’s from Wesleyan University. In his downtime, he enjoys the outdoors, reading, cooking, working on his house, and time with family.