McLean School of Maryland

Course Load

The course requirements for Students at McLean Upper School are outlined below. Students must take a minimum of 6 credits each year.

Typical Freshman Course Load Typical Sophomore Course Load
English 9 English 10
Contemporary Classics World Literature
East/West Civilizations World History
Mathematics (Algebra 1 or Geometry) Mathematics (Geometry or Algebra 2/Trig)
Biology Science (Environmental or Chemistry)
Foreign Language (Spanish, ASL, Latin) Foreign Language
Elective Elective
Physical Education Physical Education
Off Campus Education Off Campus Education
Total: 6-7 Credits Total: 6-7 Credits

Typical Junior Course Load Typical Senior Course Load
English 11 Senior Humanities (AP English Lit, 20th Century Culture and Thought, Themes in US Conflict, Creative Writing)
American Literature History (AP Gov’t, Anthropology, Religion)
U.S. History Mathematics (Precalculus, Senior Math or AP Calculus)
Mathematics (Algebra 2/Trig or Precalculus) Science* (PAID, Forensic Chem, Sports Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, AP Chem, AP Bio)
Science* (Physics, Chemistry, AP Chem, AP Bio) Foreign Language
Foreign Language Electives
Electives Off Campus Education
Physical EducationPhysical Education
Off Campus Education

Total: 6-7 Credits Total: 6-7 Credits

*Some students elect to take PAID in lieu of chemistry or physics

Art I (Foundation Art)
Art II (Principles of Design)
Advanced Art/Independent Study
Ceramics (one semester)
Printmaking (one semester)

Performance Arts:
Communication Techniques (one semester)
Acting Workshop

Graphic Art/Photoshop (one semester)
Animation (one semester)

Jazz Band
Rock, Pop & Blues