Marie Marino, Assistant Head of Lower School and Coordinator of Learning Services

Assistant Head of Lower School and Coordinator of Learning ServicesMarie Marino

My Story

My goal at McLean is to help students develop pride over their learning styles and skill set, take ownership over the strategies that aid their learning, embrace the determination needed to tackle challenges, and strengthen their confidence to self-advocate. There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of each student’s journey through this process.

My background is a combination of my own experiences with learning differences, my educational background including bachelor’s and master’s degrees in special education, and my decade-plus long experiences as a classroom teacher.  When I shifted into the role of Learning Specialist and Assistant Head of Lower School, I was able to include students’ families, support providers, and, of course, classroom teachers in my daily work with students. I value every opportunity to collaborate with each child’s whole support system because to me, there is nothing more exciting than working as a team to create an ideal learning environment for each student. 

On a personal level, my husband and I have the two most beautiful, curious, courageous, and kind children whom I happily and whole-heartedly devote my time to when I am not at McLean. I am rediscovering the world through their eyes and am reminded of how much fun it can be to LEARN.

I hope to pass on this same mindset to McLean students, families, and faculty as I work with them.