Kathleen Glynn-Sparrow and Max Rosner

Virtual College Visits

College Counselor, Max Rosner, connecting with students.
College Counselor, Kathleen Glynn-Sparrow, talks with a group of Upper School students.

Okay, class of 2021 – this one’s for you!  Your plans have changed, and you’re not taking a road trip anytime soon to visit colleges.  So now what? The good news: – we’re all in the same boat and higher education is waiting to be explored –  just in a new format. You can travel all over the globe with a few clicks to see colleges from the comfort of your own home!  Exploring colleges is the first step in the college admission process. This is an opportunity for you to figure out what you like, to learn about unique academic programs, and to get excited about going to college! We’ve put together suggestions as we move into an exciting new frontier of college tours!

These virtual “vehicles” will do the driving for you. Get behind the wheel and fire up the ignition!

Hoping to connect with college students and admissions reps on your road trip? Virtual information sessions are now a thing! Take the list of colleges you were planning to visit and check out their admissions webpage to see what they’re offering.  Take a pit stop at one of the spots below:

Wondering how else to connect with colleges that are not holding classes on their campus?  Check out the follow drive-thru options:

  • Connect with the official social media pages for colleges
  • Reach out to your local admissions rep for an online chat.  For example, Ithaca College is offering virtual chats!
  • Ask the Admission Office to connect you with a current student online. Chatting or emailing with a student gives you the inside scoop!

Check out this mega list of College Events:

We know McLean School juniors are up for the challenge of exploring colleges in a creative way, as is the rest of Generation Z! Enjoy the road trip!

Kathleen Glynn-Sparrow and Max Rosner, the dynamic duo of College Counseling