Kymberlee Behnia

Department Chair
Kymberlee Behnia

My Story

I have my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Eastern Michigan University, and my Masters of Teaching and Learning from Kaplan University. There are many things that I enjoy: first, my family, then traveling, creating a variety of art, being outdoors near water (I grew up in Michigan and spent a lot of time on a lot of lakes!), and of course teaching! I knew McLean was the perfect fit from the moment I started teaching here in 1993! Growing up, school was difficult for me because of my attention issues and learning differences, so I wanted to become a teacher so that I could help students like me succeed in school. My goal is to help students find the tools, and develop the courage and confidence that it takes to thrive as unique individuals. Art is the conduit for me to reach and teach my students. Art serves students by giving voice to their feelings as they go through the cognitive process of creating and then provides immediate gratification that elevates their self-esteem. The joy of my profession is to be part of that process and enabling students to find their voice.