Karen Rumeld, Lower School Art Teacher at McLean School, smiles while cooking

ArtKaren Rumeld

My Story

I came to McLean School after many years of teaching academics to students in public and private schools and tutoring one on one. The students that had learning challenges soon became the students I was most drawn to and the students who were placed in my class. I learned about McLean from living in the area, teaching students with different learning styles, and researching schools that cater to those students.

My daughter attended Middle and Upper School at McLean and it continues to be the gift that keeps on giving now that she is grown and on her own. I am very fortunate to be part of the McLean family.

The arts have always been another way I have integrated academic material into the classroom, particularly visual arts because that is where my passion lies. I develop work spaces to provide optimum function and comfort, organize spaces and tools for and with students based on their individual needs, practice executive strategies and support students until those strategies are mastered.

Now that I am the art teacher, I am able to reverse the process and integrate academics into art. It is the joy of my career to spend every day with young students in an environment that not only supports their needs, but mine as well.

Now that I’ve raised my family, I enjoy travelling, visiting museums, entertaining family and friends, and dog sitting.