Grade 3Heidi Engstler

My Story

My dream, from as early as I can remember, was to be a teacher. I would play school using my dolls as students, a chalk board and lesson plans derived from materials I managed to acquire from my own teachers. At first, my life took me in a different career path as I entered into the corporate world where I continued to grow and advance for many years. Then, I finally pursued my dream of teaching. I worked as a Substitute Teacher at a local school district in New Jersey. During this time, I accepted a substitute position at a local public school in an inclusive Special Education classroom where I discovered that this is where I belong so I pursued my Master’s in special education with an emphasis on learning disabilities and earned my degree at American University. Having taught for several years at a school for learning differences in DC, I found my passion to not only teach, but to teach students with individual learning challenges through multi-sensory learning methods. I am very passionate about teaching and am grateful that I was able to fulfill my dream. When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family, friends, and fur babies.