Elizabeth Adum

Foreign Language
Department Chair
Elizabeth Adum

My Story

I am a native Spanish speaker who came to this country as a young girl. Having to learn a second language, and learn about a new culture, has helped me understand the challenges my own students experience in learning how to speak Spanish. However, it also makes me living proof that it is possible to learn a second language, and become a bilingual and bicultural individual.

I attended private school in West New York, NJ, and I hold a BA in Spanish Education from the University of Delaware. I have taught all grades and levels in Delaware and Maryland. When I moved to Maryland, I was lucky to find the position at McLean. I have been teaching at McLean since 2002. Here I have learned that a “cookie cutter” approach does not work in the classroom. Every student learns differently, and every group of students learns differently from year to year. I have learned that besides creativity and patience, flexibility is a key word in order to be a good teacher. As a teacher, I have to modify and adapt my curriculum, along with the way I teach, according to the group I teach. This re-inventing is healthy for me and for my students. 

McLean School is a very special place. No matter how much we tell incoming faculty, parents or students this – you cannot understand how true it is until you are involved and experience firsthand the great work that is done every day in the classroom. The day-to-day activities, the struggles and accomplishments, the caring and respect we have for one another, our desire and commitment to understand our students and help them achieve their potential, and our willingness to find new and creative ways to reach each student make me proud to be a part of this community.