Brittani Ogransky, Grade 4 teacher at McLean School, smiles with two students

Grade 4Brittani London

My Story

I earned my BA in Education at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. I went on to earn my Master’s in Special Education from American University. I love McLean more than I can say.  I was a student here at a pivotal point in my life. McLean has given me the most precious gift, confidence in myself and my abilities. This is what I hope to provide for students here as their teacher. I understand how vulnerable my students are and how precious our time here is together. I become deeply invested, not only in the academic success of my students but their emotional well being and growth. I love every single one of my students. I love teaching at McLean because I get to be my creative self. At McLean, I have the freedom to pursue my passions and creative impulses. Outside of school I spend my time decorating my apartment and pampering my Brussel’s Griffen-Poodle mix pup.  I’m also a master card player, my favorite game is gin rummy.