I have a BA and an MEd (special education: learning disabilities), from American University. I also have an MSW from Virginia Commonwealth University. I am a Certified School Social Work Specialist.

I came to McLean almost 20 years ago, as they wanted to start an Upper School. Watching the Upper School grow from just a freshman class to what we have now has been a wonderful experience and it has been fun to see so many kids graduate and return to visit and see them now that they are in the “real world”.

Besides my enjoyment working with children and young adults (I truly prefer the adolescents), my other true love is photography. I have taken countless images in a variety of areas. I have been truly fortunate to land at McLean, where I have been able to combine both of these things. Who would have thought that I could work with kids and parents during counseling sessions, and then later in the day have the privilege of taking their photos during sports, performing arts, or any of the many activities that are offered. I have also been able to teach while working at McLean. I first started out teaching yearbook, some biology, in addition to my counseling responsibilities. For the past several years I have been able to teach some classes on photography and video production to some Upper School students, both as independent studies and in a formal class setting. For the past 15 years I have also been able to coach the girls Varsity Volleyball team. It has been a wonderful addition to my experiences at McLean as I work with these girls in a different environment, watch what they are able to put together on the court, and see it work its way into the classroom. My passion continues to be being involved with kids and the community that supports them.