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The transportation system at McLean School was established to aid the forward movement of the school. As we continue to add new families at all levels, it is necessary for everyone to understand the reasons behind our system and participate in making it work positively and productively. Our ability to add the Upper School by expanding the building to increase enrollment in 2001 depended on a new condition in our lease with our landlord, the Board of Education of Montgomery County. The school agreed to a school-wide transportation plan that would eliminate carpool lines and reduce vehicular traffic coming into the neighborhood. We are obligated to require all students to be transported to and from school by bus.

Departure and arrival times are approximate due to the uncertainty of traffic patterns, and can vary by up to 10 minutes. Please be at least 10 minutes early.

Bus # Name Grade Level Roundtrip Leaves Arrives
1 Cabin John Shopping Center (Replaces CJ Park) All Grades $0 7:40 am 3:30 pm
2 Cabin John Shopping Center (Replaces CJ Park) All Grades $0 8:05 am 3:30 pm
3 Cabin John Shopping Center (Replaces CJ Park) All Grades $0 3:30 pm
4 Latter Day Saints Church All Grades $0 8:00 am 3:30 pm
6 Grosvenor Metro Area All Grades $0 7:55 am 3:35 pm
10 Potomac Woods Shopping Center All Grades $0 7:45 am 3:35 pm

Cluster Sites

Bus # Name Grade Level Roundtrip Leaves Arrives
DC Routes
7 Fessenden & 42nd St. NW
All Grades $2,250 7:20 am 3:50 pm
7 Friendship Heights All Grades $2,250 7:35 am 3:40 pm
9 National Cathedral Stop 1 (2945 Garfield Terrace NW) All Grades $2,250 7:15 am 4:10 pm
9 National Cathedral Stop 2 (3600 Calvert St NW) All Grades $2,250 7:20 am 4:05 pm
9 MacArthur Blvd. (Safeway) All Grades $2,250 7:35 am 3:50 pm
9 Glen Echo Park All Grades $2,250 7:50 am 3:35 pm

VA Routes
8 Chesterbrook Shopping Center All Grades $2,250 7:30 am 3:45 pm
8 McLean Presbyterian Church All Grades $2,250 7:45 am 3:35 pm

MD Routes
5 Quince Orchard Rd. & Clopper Rd (Aldi) All Grades $2,250 7:25 am 4:00 pm
10 IKEA Shopping Center/College Park All Grades $2,250 6:30 am 4:30 pm
10 Four Corners Safeway All Grades $2,250 6:55 am 4:15 pm
10 Glenmont Shopping Center All Grades $2,250 7:20 am 3:45 pm
11 Pinehurst Circle All Grades $2,250 7:25 am 4:00 pm
11 Elm Street Park All Grades $2,250 7:35 am 3:50 pm
11 Little Falls Pkwy / Bethesda Pool All Grades $2,250 7:45 am 3:40 pm

K-12 College Preparatory School Supporting Bright Students’ Individual Strengths and Challenges.

McLean School is an independent, co-educational, K-12 day school serving Maryland, Washington, and Virginia. McLean has for over sixty years been helping students realize their full potential by providing a comprehensive college preparatory program that emphasizes small classes and differentiated instruction. We embrace both traditional learners and ones with mild to moderate learning challenges – dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and challenges related to anxiety and executive functioning. Many of our students excel in some areas while benefiting from support in others.
8224 Lochinver Lane, Potomac, Maryland 20854  301.299.8277