Beverly Stryker

LS Reading Specialist

My pictures show the loves of my life, my husband, Steven, and my son, Micah! I got a Master's Degree in Special Education when my son was diagnosed with ADHD at a very early age. I knew that I needed to learn more about what he would need to be successful in school. This was over-whelming! As I went through the Special Education graduate program, I also realized that I could really help children and families with the same kinds of challenges that we were facing.
I hold an Undergraduate Degree from American University in Psychology/Human Resources and a Masters Degree in Special Education: Learning Disabilities.  I am most passionate about finding a way for all children to learn, and most importantly, to learn to read!  I am certified in several research based reading programs, as well as courses in helping children learn best! Where I thought I would never be a teacher, I found that my passion was in teaching children to read! My son brought me from The Lab School of Washington to McLean School 12 years ago when Micah moved from the Lower School to the Middle School! So after 12 years, I have never looked back! What we do for our children and families is just amazing! I love to read, cook, travel, and just spend time with my family!  

K-12 College Preparatory School Supporting Bright Students’ Individual Strengths and Challenges.

McLean School is an independent, co-educational, K-12 day school serving Maryland, Washington, and Virginia. McLean has for over sixty years been helping students realize their full potential by providing a comprehensive college preparatory program that emphasizes small classes and differentiated instruction. We embrace both traditional learners and ones with mild to moderate learning challenges – dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, and challenges related to anxiety and executive functioning. Many of our students excel in some areas while benefiting from support in others.
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